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by Jacob Murry

Graham is an English watch company playing off the history of George Graham, who in the early 1700s was a master clockmaker in London. Every Graham watch is Swiss Made and utilize the highest quality materials with thorough engineering incorporated in each watch they make. Most of the watches that they have in their collection of choice is the chronofighter. In the last 15 years, Chronofighters got pretty popular at times, but the relatively subdued Graham Chronofighter Vintage gets in on the popularity of the vintage and reissue trend while remaining unmistakably modern Graham.That’s right, this wild-looking design actually has a historical analog: the stopwatches with similar trigger-pushers used by air force bomber crews in World War 2. And it is therefore legit. Actually, it’s legit because it is ergonomic and satisfying to use, and because Graham’s excellent quality of execution is evident.dae4e1bbb5be151b90a6c4d9ab360c0dtourbillograph-trackmaster-graham-watch-1large

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